Nike and NBA, jointly announced in June 2015 as partners, have come into force in the 2017-18 season. Before the early fall, Nike and NBA showed the details of the four core version of the shirt, and the League version of the championship shirt was also the first appearance. Nike has adjusted the design of the Jersey by studying the 3D's body position, including the heat and sweating map, to cope with the challenges of the 82 fierce competitions of the season. has benefited from more than 25 years of research on all levels of basketball matches and insight into the NBA players in active service. This jersey is made on the basis of upgraded Nike Ae cheap jordans for sale roswift basketball costume. Nike has adjusted the design of the Jersey by studying the 3D's body position, including the heat and sweating map, so as to cope with the challenges of the 82 fierce competitions of the season. This research helps Nike designers make significant improvements in their jerseys, including weight, fit and detail design of structures, and at the same time, pay special attention to improving agility. NBA players, including winning the gold medal last summer the American basketball team, in 2016, through the American basketball team jerseys and provides specific feedback, but also help Nike to further optimize the shirt desig Cheap air jordan 12 taxi for sale online free shipping n, including the adjustment of cuffs, collar and side seam position, in order to reduce the interference brought by friction of athletes. "the psychological advantage of a good Jersey is very important," said Erwin (Kyrie Irving), Kaili ·. "Nike has listened to us in the process of R & D, which is very meaningful and I'm looking forward to wearing this new shirt." compared to the 2016 basketball team of the US basketball team, the most notable change of the New Jersey was in the rear shoulder of the Jersey. Nike designers adjusted the structure here, greatly improving the bonding ability. In addition, the design of the hem of the jacket and Cheap air jordan 12 for sale online free shipping shorts has been improved to ensure that the players are moving freely on the field. "if you look good and feel good, you'll do a good job," said de Raymond · Green (Draymond Green). "On the scene I welcome any form of competitive advantage, and the new Nike NBA shirt has responded to our feedback." this shirt is made of Alfa yarn (Alpha Yarns) and recycled polyester (about 20 recycled plastic bottles for each shirt). This spinning not only represents Nike's commitment to sustainable development, but also can help the athlete to sweat, keep dry and comfortable. this shirt is made of Alfa yarn (Alpha Yarns) and recycled polyester (about 20 cheap jordans online recycled plastic bottles for each shirt). new NBA Jersey naming rule When releases the new shirt, NBA is also discarded. has been with the concept of urban outdoor as the concept of brand fashion wisdom, just ushered in the 2016 winter series, "lazy labor" as the theme, as the name suggests to blue collar workers installed as the blueprint for the re define the appearance of modern workers, combined with contemporary popular trend, Xilian concise lines remodeling work classic silhouettes, selection of echoing season of red, blue, green, ground color, showing abundant levels of collocation. In the material more extensive use of Taiwan and Japan, t Retro jordans for sale he production of a variety of high-tech fabrics and knitted fabrics, bring good warm, deodorant and light function, reflecting the brand clothing craft delicate and continued evolution. Interested friends pay close attention to the brand's official announcement.Wangdu cloth shoes "go world" annual output value of over 400 million yuan, is a production line in atcapacity, dozens of workers in orderly shoe processing, already made thousands of pairs of shoes neatly on the side. In February 20th, the author went into the Wangdu County embroidery joy garden shoes PU cloth shoes production workshop, and saw a busy scene. The company responsible person Ya cheap jordans for sale mens n Nixon said excitedly: "this year's production plan is already full." according to introducing, besides embroider happy garden shoe company, Wangdu whole county more than 80 cloth shoes production enterprise also is stepping up production. Last year, Wangdu produced and sold a variety of cloth shoes about 60000000 pairs, the output value of over 400 million yuan, the product covers vulcanized cloth shoes, injection cloth shoes, PU cloth shoes and so on more than 10 kinds. Wangdu County shoe industry development is not smooth sailing. In 1984, the county Tong Xia Village? Your first peak established the first county individual shoe factory, in the cheap foamposites production of children's shoes, snow shoes. Because of its comfortable and light wear, the product quickly opened the market. After the shoe factory in Wangdu county such as bamboo shoots after a spring rain like emerge, to the beginning of 90s, the factory number nearly 80, mainly concentrated in the vicinity of a small village, Sai Tong xia. However, due to the blind expansion of production, product development can not keep up, resulting in product backlog, production and marketing out of line, the capital chain rupture, a large number of shoe factories have closed down. In 1996 and 1997 two years, more than 50 shoe factories shut down, and the rem cheap jordan shoes for men aining more than 20 were also operating dismal. In order to get rid of the difficult situation, made some shoes factories aiming at the cloth shoes with relatively low cost, comfortable wearing and various styles. In recent years, through continuous technological research and development and technological innovation, the county cloth shoes industry has grown rapidly. "Over the years, we have introduced a number of advanced production equipment and technology, and also established a cloth shoes research and development center to ensure that the style can keep up with the market trend."." According to Yan Kesong introduction, they used the production Cheap air jordans for sale equipment obsolete, a production line in full day can only produce more than 1000 pairs of shoes, and now the new production line a day can produce 4000 pairs, and each pair of shoes materials but also save more than 20%. In addition, embroidered happy garden shoe company also hired 3 designers, each person annual salary 100 thousand yuan, each year designs more than 200 new style. at present, large shoe-making enterprises in Wangdu county has more than 20, with embroidered hi Park, red leaves, red leaves, red leaves, Sheng Fuxiang II, Beijing and other brands, products are not only sold in Beijing, Shanghai, Sichuan, Yunnan and other domestic marke Retro jordans for sale t, there are nearly 1/3 sold to Southeast Asia and other countries and regions. (editor in chief: Qiu AI)6d65333bjw1f7wvybg0vbj20h80h83za.jpg (68.43 KB, download number: 6) download Nike Lebron Soldier 10 SFG EP Camo 2016-9-19 upload 22:55Chinese, May 17, 2017 - we win the Australian Open and Serena Williams as cheerful as a lark in the Anthony Joshua Wladimir Klitschko, knocked down a moment of breath, Tom Brady led his team again won the Super Bowl champion Deshaun Watson stunning admiration, coming to become Texas quarterback and applauded. Now we can't wait to want to see is Kevin Durant and Draymond Green led the warriors to win an NBA title, or the LeBron James champions brilliant writing. For Beats by Dre, we always cheer for the world's top athletes in the Beats family. - now to celebrate their incredible great achievement, the Beats by Dre will launch a new Powerbeats3 Dr.Dre Wireless - in the world on May 26, 2017, the king's gold headset. uses the flag color design of black collocation, Powerbeats3 Wireless in wireless headset as our best seller, the use of time by a strong dynamic sound and battery for up to 12 hours, a number of training for your devoted strength, greatly enhance the performance of your training. Headphones waterproof, anti sweat, flexible ear hanging design, greatly guaranteed the stability of headphones wear. It also comes with 1 types of Bluetooth technology that provide the best connectivity and distance between Bluetooth devices. It is also equipped with apple W1 chip, you can reach a simple one button Bluetooth connection, increasing the performance of seamless switching between registered devices in iCloud. you don't have to worry about not charging until you get to the gym, because the headset uses the Fast Fuel charging technology, , and you can play for just five hours with just a tiny USB cable. : thanks to Beats's RemoteTalk performance, you can easily play music without the device, , answer the phone, and start Siri. Powerbeats3 Dr.Dre Wireless - king of gold wireless headset will be sold at Apple's retail stores, apple online store and BEATS Jingdong flagship store, the proposed retail price of RMB 1488 . Off-White recently held a party in Florence, and simultaneously released with Levi 's's Levi' s Made & high-end extension; Crafted joint projects, including the joint 10 pieces, hit by color, damage, zippers and other details will be integrated into the Levi Off-White Street property 's's iconic denim jacket and jeans in. It is reported that the joint series will be officially released in autumn and winter this year.